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Choosing the Best Beard Comb for Your Beard

So, you finally have the beard that you want! It's the perfect length, style and colour. While growing out your beard is difficult enough, keeping it nicely groomed is part of the battle.

A beard comb is a simple and affordable solution to maintaining a neat, easy to manage beard. beard combs allow you to comfortably shape and style your facial hair you should choose the right type and style for you depending on the texture of your beard.

So how do you choose the tight type of beard comb? A look at the top factors to consider when searching for beard comb that's right for you will help you

Comb Material
Great beard combs are made from high-quality materials. You may be tempted to purchase a basic plastic comb because of the price, but you will definitely get what you pay for. A cheap, plastic comb will deliver very poor results and will actually harm your beard in the long run.

Here are some of the most common materials combs are made out of:

Plastic Beard Comb
Combs made of plastic are the cheapest and of the poorest quality. Scientific studies have shown why static caused by plastic is terrible for hair. What ends up happening is your beard hair will become thin and prone to breakage

Metal Beard Comb
Although some people think that metal combs look cool, they should definitely be avoided. Metal combs cause a lot of static and are not hair-friendly due to poorly cut edges

Rubber Beard Comb
Rubber combs are made of vulcanite or cellulose a acetate. They are smooth and they do not produce any static electricity during use. On top of that, they are very easy to clean and maintain

Wood (the winner!) Beard Comb
Wood combs are the most common combs used by men with beards. They can be great for your beard and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

There are different quality types of wood and different ways the teeth are cut. The teeth of the combs should be smoothly cut so it doesn't damage you beard. Note that the best beard combs are made of neem so you might want to look out for that

Teeth Size
Long, short, pointed, rounded wide-teeth, fine-teeth there are a myriad of sizes to choose from. This factor depends on the state of your beard is your unruly? Thick or thin hair? Long or short? How groomed and clean do you want your beard to appear?

Generally, you should avoid combs with a "pick-like" ending of the teeth as this can be uncomfortable and damaging to the skin and hair. Rounded is the way to go.

Fine teethed combs are perfect for beginner/ short beards and beards men just looking for a more kempt and professional bearded appearance. The finer the teeth, straighter the hair.

The Space Between The Teeth
Believe it or not, the space between the teeth is critical. Too wide and you won't distribute the hair evenly. Too narrow and you will tug the facial hair, because facial hair is thicker and curlier than head hair, an ordinary comb is not recommended, this is why you need a beard comb with ample spacing.

Ultimately, the "best" comb depends on your preference and what your beard needs. However, if you are striving for an unparalleled grooming experience, you will enjoy using a beard comb made of neem wood.

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Choosing the Best Beard Comb for Your Beard