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"I love the way it feels on my scalp. The quality of these wooden combs are excellent and there is usually no static. I will certainly recommend your neem wood comb. Go for it !"
- Jena T., Oviedo, FL


"Nice and natural! I am using this wood comb myself! I have recommended this to my niece whose scalp is infected with lice .. hope she will benefit from this comb."
- Casey, Liverpool, UK

Product Description

It is believed that wooden combs are symbolic of good fortune, health and love & care. So, when you gift wooden comb, you wish good health and fortune to the recipient. In China, there is a tradition of giving wooden comb as gift. According to Chinese people, giving wooden comb as gift has several meanings. Comb in Chinese culture means 'see you everyday'. This means when you gift wooden comb you are wishing longevity and good health.

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I actually got this 5 combs set as a gift and was so impressed that I searched over Google and gound this site. Now, whenever I need to gift something new I order this gift set!    - Priyanranjan Munshi, Krishna Nagar, India

Gifting wooden combs are considered very auspicious and since the combs in gift set are handcrafted with neem wood it also add medicinal value to these combs!. Excellent gift idea.    - Parul Garg, Bangalore, India

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