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Top 10 Home Remedies for Baldness and Hair Loss

Here are the top 10 home remedies for hair loss:

1. Essential oil
Get a mixture of coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil and add a few drops inside the rosemary oil in order to make it mix well. Add to your scalp and massage it lightly. It will make the hair to look sleek and shiny and as well make the hair grow better and fuller. You should try to repeat the procedure weekly.

2. Henna Leaves
Put a few henna leaves in mustard oil and boil. Allow the boiled solution to cool and then mix with coconut oil. This will help in giving the hair a perfect color and make them shiny. They as well prevent hir loss. You should apply this solution to your scalp twice in a week.

3. Fenugreek
Allow a cup of fenugreek seeds to remain in a clean bowl filled with water overnight. In the morning, grind the seeds until it turns pasty, apply the paste on the hair and scalp and leave it for about 30 minutes. Shower cap can be used to make the process more effective and rinse your hair thereafter. Fenugreek, also called methi, helps in preventing hair loss due to the presence of hormone antecedents which can in turn enhance the growth of hair. You can continue this process for a moth until you get the desired result.

4. Onions
Divide the onion into two halves (regardless of the color), place the half onion on the affected part if your scalp and rub until the area turns reddish. Use honey on the area in order to soothe the reddish coloration. The explained process is efficient in treating baldness that is in patches. Repeat the process daily until you experience result.

5. Amla pulp
Add amla pulp to lemon juice and mix together. Rub the mixture on your scalp for a few minutes and ensure that it is thoroughly done. Leave it on your hair overnight and cover it up. Wash the hair the next morning with shampoo and observe the result after several days of continuous usage. Amla is also known as Indian Gooseberry and possess lots of Vitamin C. Since the deficiency of vitamin C is one of the causes of baldness, following the procedure above will help to counter that.

6. Lettuce with Spinach
A paste of lettuce and spinach, done via blender, has been reported to contain some components that can help to prevent hair loss/baldness. After preparing the paste, add it to the affected area of the scalp and leave it for about 15 minutes before bathing. Repeat this procedure about 4 times weekly.

7. Aloe vera
After applying Aloe Vera to the hair and scalp, leave it for about 4 hours and wash off the remains with warm water. It has been reported to be a perfect home remedy against baldness. It has alkalizing contents that have the ability of neutralizing the PH level of the scalp and hair. Continue repeating this process for about three times weekly.

8. Pepper Cons and Lemon
Lemon and Pepper cons contain lots of vitamin needed for healthy growth of the hair and avoidance of hair loss. Crush pepper cons and lemons together and add little water to smoothen the paste. Apply the paste on the affected part of the scalp and try this about two times in a week.

9. Licorice
Although many people do not really know about the licorice, the candy-licorice is more popular. The root essentially has mollifying properties that can help to open up the pores of the scalp. Grind the licorice root until it reaches the powder form and enrich the root powder with milk and saffron. Add the paste on the scalp and allow it to stay overnight. Rinse your hair in the next morning and continue this for the minimum of 1 month.

10. Beetroot Juice
Beetroot contains proteins, carbohydrate and lots of vitamin that help the growing the hair. Mix beetroot juice and add to your daily diet or drinks. The above listed items are essential natural home remedies that can be considered in preventing baldness.

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Top 10 Home Remedies for Baldness and Hair Loss