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How to Comb Hair to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common problems across the globe. Losing 100 strands is a natural phenomenon but excessive hair loss is really a matter of concern. For some, it may result to lose of confidence and can be a serious personality issue.

There could be many causes of hair loss such as poor diet, stress, long medication, vitamins & minerals deficiency, etc. Surprisingly, the poor combing technique is also one of the factors which lead to hair loss in many people. Let’s talk about how we can comb hair to prevent hair loss.

Use Proper Comb
This is an established fact that cheap hair brushes & comb can over all influence the health of your hair. Narrow plastic comb causes a lot of damage and results in breakage of hair for all hair types. Very few people are aware that those expensive boar bristle brushes generate a lot of friction while moving down your hair and are not recommended by dermatologists.

In case you are experiencing hair loss, start using wide spaced Neem Wood comb for effective results. They can tame your tresses the right way as required without causing any friction or breakage.

Right Time to Comb
It is advised by AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) not to comb wet hair especially those who have straighter hair. However, if you have curly hair it is recommended to comb when they are wet to avoid breakage when they are dry. Also, do not blow dry your hair when it’s sopping wet and wait to style your hair till it is damp or dry.

Comb Less
It is a myth that brushing more is healthier for your hair; in fact, as shared earlier brushing more with the wrong set of brushing tools can cause damage. Make sure you comb your hair as minimum you can with the right comb such as Neem Wood and add shine to your beauty.

Avoid Backcombing
Backcombing using hair brush is not at all healthy for your hair. It generates a lot of friction and causes unwanted breakage. For healthy thicker hair restrict the use of heating & styling elements as minimum as possible. Combing hair with natural products on daily basis adds sheen and luster to your hair.

Summing up what we discussed, choose comb over the brush to remove tangles after you wash your hair. Choose when to untangle your hair as per your hair type and always try to remove tangles starting from your ends.

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How to Comb Hair to Prevent Hair Loss