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How to Detangle Wet Hair the Right Way?

It is important understand structure of the hair so that you can take care of them the right way! You can think about the hair like a pencil:
– The lead resembles the medulla, the focal center or deepest layer of the hair
– The wooden part resembles the cortex, the center layer or principle some portion of the hair where every synthetic change occur
– The paint of the pencil can be compared to the fingernail skin of the hair, the external layer.

The cuticle is the part that we can feel, the part gets harmed on the off chance that you treat it cruelly or if you utilize low quality items or you apply excessively warm. It is comprised of scales that cover and lie level.

The heading in which the hair cuticle falsehood is from the root, covering to the focuses, this implies the hair feels smooth when you stroke it towards the focuses yet more unpleasant on the off chance that you run your fingers from focuses to roots, against the lie of the fingernail skin.

The significance of detangling wet hair effectively
Keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend the significance detangling wet hair in the right way it is essential that you know how the fingernail skin is developed and how it is influenced by different things.

Certain things will make the cuticle lift out from the surface of the hair:
– On the off chance that it ends up plainly harmed
– When it gets wet
– When it is warmed
– Using certain soluble items.

Shampooed hair is wet by water and warmed in light of the fact that the water is warm so the fingernail skin is marginally raised. The raised scales will get on with each other and they may tangle. On the off chance that you treat it cruelly - it will harm the fingernail skin.

You should take care to detangle it tenderly by brushing it toward the path in which the fingernail skin lies which implies you should dependably brush the hair from focuses to roots and without extending it or putting stress onto it. This is especially vital when the hair is long or in the event that it is now harmed.

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How to Detangle Wet Hair the Right Way?