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How to Grow Hair Fast Naturally - Top Hair Growth Tips

Are you craving for those long, luscious locks that you can toss around or rock it with top knot or braid this summer? Good news is that you can try these amazing and simple hair growth hacks easily for long and healthy hair.
1. Eat a healthy diet rich in protein like eggs, cottage cheese, milk, lentils & white meat etc. Choose foods high in Vitamin B-complex, A, E, iron, zinc, copper, and magnesium.
2. Skip super hot water while washing hair as it weakens your hair making it brittle & susceptible to hair fall. Rather prefer cold or warm water to rinse.
3. Massage your scalp with good hair oil which suits your hair quality. Massaging promotes blood flow to the scalp, which in turn stimulates the hair follicles.
4. Use homemade hair masks to promote hair growth & healthy nourished hair. Read our story on homemade hair masks for better understanding.
5. Stay stress free as stress is one of the major factor that contribute to hair loss. To manage stress, take help of proper sleep along with meditation, yoga and exercise etc.
6. Try to avoid heat styling methods as much can possible as these methods damage your hair refraining it to grow healthy.
7. Try age old mantra of trimming your hair at proper interval. This will help in cleaning all split ends and make your hair look longer & neat too.
8. Try using Neem wood comb as Neem is anti bacterial and promotes hair growth.

So next time you find someone cribbing or complaining about no hair growth, share such super easy hair growth hacks for good result.

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How to Grow Hair Fast Naturally - Top Hair Growth Tips