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Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Sapinadales
Family: Meliaceae
Genus: Azadirachta
Species: A. indica
Botanical Name: Azadirachta indica
Other names of Neem Tree: Miracle tree, Nimba, Arishta, Margosa

Azadirachta indica, the neem tree is a tall tree that is found in India. It has very bright leaves. Neem tree has hard brown grayish bark and it blossoms during spring season with small white colored flowers. Neem tree can be very easily cultivated in dry and stony soils and it requires little quantity of water but too much Sunlight. It is one of two species in the genus Azadirachta, and is native to India, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Pakistan, growing in tropical and semi-tropical regions.

Neem is a fast-growing tree that can reach a height of 15-20m, rarely to 35-40m. It is ever green, but in severe drought it may shed most or nearly all it's leaves. The branches are wide spread. It blossoms in spring with small white flowers. It has a straight trunk. It's bark is hard rough and scaly, fissured even in small trees. The color of the bark is brown grayish. The leaves are alternate and consist of several leaflets with serrated edges. It's flowers are small and white in color. The olive like edible fruit is oval, round and thin skinned. The Neem tree is noted for it's drought resistance. Normally it thrives in areas with sub-arid to sub-humid conditions. Neem is a life-giving tree. It is one of the very few shade-giving trees that thrive in the drought-prone areas. The trees are not at all delicate about the water quality and thrive on the merest trickle of water, whatever the quality.

Most pats of the neem tree are awfully bitter, with the exception of it's flowers. White and delicate, neem flowers with their off-white buds are almost too pretty to be eaten and unbelievable therapeutic. The flowers have a sweet, almost mystical jasmine like scent at night and blossom once in the afternoon and again in the evening. During the monsoon, you'll see bunch of them scattered right under the tree. Also known as Vepampoo in Tamil, these neem flowers can be used fresh, dried or in a powdered form. They ae used commonly in the south to cook a number of dishes: flower rice, pachadi, rasam, lentils and more. They are often dry roasted and sprinkled on top of the dish to garnish well.

Neem flowers can be used to treat anorexia, nausea, belching and intestine worms.

If you were born in India, you would have seen people chew away at a neem twig. For many years now, a neem twig is what people used as a make-do toothbrush.

Uses Of Neem Twigs
Neem twig has a lot of pharmacological properties and is used to manufacture oral care products. It is used to manufacture herbal toothpastes and powders. It has found mention in the early vedic texts, for being of immense importance in maintaining oral hygiene. A neem twig is considered a very effective natural or herbal toothbrush, while it's fibres clean the teeth, it's juice works both as a mouth freshener and and has germ killing properties. It has also been used for a long time now, for manufacturing organic manure. They are being grown and exported to countries for meeting different uses.

Forms Of Neem Twig
- Raw Twig
- Twig Extracts
- Twig Oil
- Twig Powder

Neem bark can be used just off the tree or can be freeze dried or ground into a fine powder for use at a later date.

Benefits/Uses Of Neem Bark

It can be used as an insecticide
One of the major uses of neem bark is as an insect repellent. Neem bark offers benefits for humans because there is no need to use harmful pesticides or chemicals on crops. Neem bark is ground into a fine powder and used as an organic pesticide. This is done by dusting the crops with this fine powder. This is not dangerous to humans who will later eat the food. In addition, neem bark powder can be used to keep insect out of homes. Many people dust the door ways, cracks and base of their homes to protect them agains insect invasion. In addition, some people who are frequently outdoors dust the powder on their bodies to protect from being bitten or stung by insects. Exposure to insects such as mosquitoes, which carry malaria and other dangerous diseases, can be thwarted by using neem bark to prevent mosquitoe bites.

Neem Bark is Antibacterial
Neem bark has some very strong antibacterial properties. The bark can be made into an oil that will quickly absorb into the skin. Neem bark can be used to treat various body infections and help to kill bacteria on the skin that cause severe skin infections such as acne and infected wounds. Neem bark oil can also be used on aggravating or recurrent skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, ring worm and even warts. This has great benefits for people that do not like to expose themselves to harsh chemicals or drugs and are looking for a more holistic approach to healing their bodies. Many medical and osteopathic physicians and chiropractors are seeing the benefits of using neem bark oil.

It Is Spermicidal
Neem bark has also been used to prevent pregnancy. According to the neem foundation, neem bark, which contains nimbidinate, possesses spermicidal properties. In fact, women in India and Asia have used neem bark as a spermicidal for centuries. Neem bark oil or powder can be usedby being placed in the vagina or on the penis before sexual intercourse.

Neem cake is a strange name for the pulp that is left after extracting neem seed oil from kernels. it is indeed edible, at least for animals, and is sometimes used as fodder. However, the most common and recommended use is as a soil ammendment and fertilizer.

The fruit of the neem plant looks a lot like an olive. The fresh surrounds a seed that contains one or several kernels.

Neem oil, the most popular neem plant product, is made by pressing the neem seed kernels. The kernels can contain as much as 50% oil. In the western world the seed oil is mostly known and valued as a safe and effective insecticide. Neem oil is very popular with organic gardeners. It is also used as a natural insect repellent, a safe and more efficient alternative to the harmful DEET. Neem seed oil is also an ingredient in many skin care products. In India most of the neem is used in neem soap, but there are also neem shampoos, lotions, creams etc.

Besides that, the oil is valued for it's huge range of medicinal uses. The seed kernels contain the highest concentration of active substances in the neem plant. Pressing them for oil is one way to get at them, but you can also make various extracts from the seeds.

Neem oil that's extracted from neem seeds is rich in medicinal properties which are what makes it a great ingredient in cosmetics and other beauty products: soaps, hair oil, soap etc. It can treat a bunch of skin diseases and is known to be an excellent mosquitor repellent. You can mix it with coconut oil and apply it over your body as well. It is believed that in India, small children are fed neem oil as a type of cure-all. Besides being such a great Ayurvedic healer, neem oil can be used to protect other plants. It can also be used in creams, soaps and other cosmetic products.

The main chemical constituents of Neem carrier oil are: Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Vitamin C, Carotenoids.

The leaves of the neem tree have a very complex stucture and a very unique of all the tress. Neem leaves are popular leaves in the naturopathic world; for centuries they have and still being used to treat a wide range of sicknesses. They are highly loaded in powerful phytochemicals that are effective in treating diseases.

Benefits Of Neem Leaves
The neem leaves tea is used in the treatment of many diseases; from the smallest like headache to the biggest. We will be looking at ten benefit of neem leaves.

These leaves are powerful in detoxifying the body; this is due to their rich content of powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients. They help to get rid of toxins, wastre products and foreign elements in the body. The leaves also boost the functions of the liver and kidneys, these are the major organs of elimination in the body. They are also capable of eliminating germs, dead skins cells, dust, microbes and grime from the skin because the body also eliminates waste products from the skin through sweat.

This helps in keeping the body clean and free of toxins; too much toxins can lead to serious diseases and complications in the body. Neem tea can be taken daily for detoxification; the leaves can also be made into paste by pounding them in a mortar with pestle, this paste can be applied on affected skin part and left for somtimes like 15 minutes before washing with soap and warm or lukewarm water.

Neem tea is given to sick patients many times a day till they fully recover.

They Fight Infections
These leaves are rich in antibacterial, antifungal and other antimicrobial properties; they are used by applying it directly to the infected site. They act fast, hasten healing, strengthen the immune system and leave the skin intact.

Treat Skin Problem
Neem tea are effective in treating skin problem like acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and skin infection; the paste gotten from pounding neemm leaves with mortar and pestle can also be applied directly on the affected skin part. Their antimicrobial properties can even kill the microbes behind these skin conditions while their rich nutrients and phytochemicals repair damaged skin and restore the skin to it's original state.

Neem paste is also used in clearing scars, wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin, age spots, and signs of aging. This is possible because the leaves are rich in astringent properties; they also have fatty acids and rich content of vitamin E which is very good for the skin.

Fights Inflammation
Inflammation is behind many chronic diseases and health problems; neem tea helps reduce and prevent inflammation. This tea is used to treat arthritis patients and to relief the symptoms of arthritis; the paste or oil can be applied to the ching joint and muscles, this will reduce the symptoms, pain and discomfort, and if used daily, it can increase the flexibility of the joints.

Prevents Oral Protection
Neem leaves protects and improves oral health; it's antimicrobial properties guides against gum disease, mouth odor, tooth decay and other oral problem. You can take the tea daily if you have any oral problem while the neem leave paste can be applied to your gum and teeth and left for some minutes before rinsing it off.

It is a popular ingredient in many natural toothpastes, mouth washes and other oral health products.

Helps Digestion
Neem leaves help the body to digest foods properly; they prevent and treat digestive problems and reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tracts. This helps in treating and preventing ulcers and other digestive disease or disorders like cramping, bloating and constipation.

Neem tea is used to heal stomach flu and destroy microbes that can cause infectuions in the stomach and gut, they also protect healthy bacteria in the gut.

Treats Diabetes
Neem leaves ensures that there is sufficient amount of insulin in the body; this helps to prevent and treat diabetes, it also helps those with diabetes to reduce their dependence on insulin.

Natural Birth Control
The leaves of neem are natural spermicides and therefore are used in preventing pregnancy naturally. It reduces the chances of conception in both sexes without side effects or causing any harm to the body. It is even said that these leaves can reduce fertility levels without reducing libido or sexual urge. So, those who want to reproduce should avoid leaves except when taking it for serious illnesses.

Prevent Chronic Diseases
These leaves are nutritious, they supply the body with essential nutrients to keep it healthy and functioning optimally; they are also rich in antioxidants which help to fight diseases and prevent oxidative damage and stress. These antioxidants can also fight cancer and stop the growth of tumors; they also help in keeping the heart healthy and the cardiovascular system unobstructed and clean.

Neem leaves are extremely beneficial. Hence, they are an important ingredient in many products. Here are some popular ones:

- Neem Leaves
- Neem Extract Capsules
- Neem Facewash
- Neem Oil
- Neem Shampoo
- Neem Gel
- Neem Cream
- Neem Soap
- Neem Detergent

Who doesn't dream of long, lustrous locks? And what if we tell you that neem oil is an unmatched hair healer too? There are many neem oil benefits for hair. And many people often wonder, how to use neem oil for hair. The medicinal properties of neem oil will not only help you keep the common hair problems at bay, but will also ensure your hair gets the attention it deserves. And if you are battling any of the hair issues mentiond below, well, neem oil is your best bet!Here are some of neem oil for hair.

Dandruff? Dry scalp? Neem oil is your go-to natural remedy! Many anti-dandruff shampoos use neem oil as a main ingredient because of it's medicinal properties. Neem hair oil not only improves your scalp health but also maintains the PH level of the scalp. Healthy scalp means no dandruff!

Treats Head Lice
Neem oil is considered to be the safest and the most effective way to get rid of head lice. All you need to do is apply neem oil on your scalp and leave it overnight. The next day when hair is combed with a thin comb, you will notice how neem oil has worked in those lice troubled locks.

Improves Hair Texture
Regular application of neem oil will result in healthy scalp and hair. As this oil has no side-effects, it is always a win-win situation no matter what the hair problem is. That's not all; neem oil leaves your hair untangled and strong, thereby taming them to your desired style. Massage neem oil on scalp few hours prior to nhair wash and you will see difference yourself.

Promotes Hair Growth
Neem hair oil is the age old solution for healthy hair growth. While it stregthens the roots and accelerates growth, it can also be used to counter the effects of hair thinning caused by pollution, stress or medication.

Removes Split Ends
When you see your hair with split ends, it's time to start the neem oil ritual. Split ends could lead to stunted growth making hair frizzy and unmanageable. Neem seed oil benefits include moisturizing of hair from root to tip and gentle repair of hair cuticles. A basic hair trimming and regular application of neem oil will help you bid an instant farewell to dreadful split ends.

Treats frizzy Hair
Frizzy hair? No problem. Neem oil is a sought after cure for dull, lifeless and frizzy hair. Neem provides deep conditioning to frizzy hair thereby retaining the shine and strength of your locks. Add a few drops of oil to your shampoo before every wash and the result will be hydrated, smooth and happy hair!

Promotes A Healthy Scalp
Still wonderinng what are the neem oil uses for hair? Will, the beauty of your hair depends on the health ?f your scalp. Neem oil, with all it's remedial properties, treats your scalp thereby enhancing the beauty of your hair. Neem oil not just mosturizes your hair but also works on keeping your scalp healthy. A hair comb made with neem wood can do wonders for the health of hair!

How To Use Neem Oil For Hair

For Weekly Treatment
- Dilute neem oil with olive oil, peppermint oil, almond oil or coconut oil. Add a pleasant essential oil to cover the odor if neem oil, if desired.
- Massage the oil into the scalp and cover the head with an old scarf. Leave on overnight.
- Shampoo as usual.

To Condition Hair and Tame Frizzy Hair
- Add three or four drops of neem oil to your shampoo.
- Shampoo hair, as usual, allowing the shampoo to stay on the hair for several minute.
- The neem oil will moisturize the hair and leave it shiny and healthy.

To Treat Head Lice
- Add a small amount of pure neem oil to your shampoo, then wash the hair.
- Work the neem oil and shampoo into the hair and leave it on for at least 10 minutes.
- Rinse the hair, towel dry and comb the hair.
- Apply full-strength neem oil to the hair and comb it through with a lice baby comb.
- Remove lice or nits as you find them and place them in a bag for disposal.
- Cover with a disposable shower cap or wrap with a plastic wrap and leave on overnight.
- Comb the hair again before washing out the oil.
- Repeat the process daily until all lice and nits are gone.


Neem oil can be used for the skin in a variety of ways.

Smooth Wrinkles
With it's regenerative properties and immune-boosting compounds, neem oil enable the skin to fight pathogens that are present below the skin surface. This keeps the skin smooth and fights wrinkles. Using neem oil for face or including neem powder in face packs soothes the skin thereby reducing the effects of aging.

Stimulates collagen
Here’s another addition to benefits of neem oil for skin. Neem stimulates collagen production which slows the aging process of the skin look young and supple.

Relieves Dry Skin
According to The Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), neem oil is rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), triglycerides, vitamin E and calcium, Vitamin E and EFAs enable neem oil to seep deep into the skin thereby healing cracks caused by dryness.

Reduces Eczema
Neem oil is an age old natural remedy for eczema symptoms like itchy, dry skin. Though it soothes the skin, neem oil does not cure the root causes of eczema. These causes could be hereditary or acquired. Regular use of neem oil helps a great deal in treating eczema irritation and red rashes.

Treats Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a painful skin disease which leaves your skin looking sunburnt. Dryness and scaling are the two leading symptoms associated with psoriasis. Vitamin E rich Neem oil is incredibly helpful in soothing the itchiness and irritation caused by psoriasis. Neem, with it's antibacterial properties prevents the development of any further skin infections.

Skin itching is usually caused by moisture loss in the skin. As neem oil is particularly high in fatty acids and Vitamin E, it penetrates easily into the outer layer of skin repairing the protection barrier thereby slowing the moisture loss. Using neem oil on itchy skin retains moisture and helps in healing dry and damaged skin.

All Types Of Dermatitis
Neem has antiseptic properties, which are known for keeping infections at bay. It is loaded with compounds like Nimbidin and Nimbin, which prevents redness and swelling thereby retaining the skin moisture. Neem oil is a tested remedy for all types of dermatitis. It is also ideal for acne prone skin and helps combat bacteria that causes pimples and breakouts.

The high amount of fatty acid in neem oil prevents and treats scars left by acne. Neem is also a non-comedogenic agent, which removes skin impurities and tightens the pores.

Remove Dryness
The different compounds in neem oil helps to soothe drynesss of skin. It also strengthens the body's ability to make and release histamine and other irritants. Neem oil is loaded with Vitamin E and fatty acids which is why it easily penetrates the outer layer of the skin, resoring the protective barrier and preventing moisture loss.

Fights Acne
The aspirin like compound in neem seed oil removes acne causing bacteria from the skin. Also, the fatty acids in neem oil prevent scars caused by acne. That's not all, it also reduces the redness of skin and brings back healthy glow to it.

Skin Conditioner
Neem seed oil deep moisturizes and repairs skin dryness. This is exactly the reason why neem seed oil is included in medicated dryness repair products. The herbal moisturizing formula of neem oil leads to a well-toned skin preventing it from cracks and freckles.

Fungal Infections Of Skin
Neem has antifungal properties that prevent and treat common fungal skin infections like ring worms, athletes foot and nail fungus. The two compounds, namely gedunin and nimbidol, present in neem oil destroy the fungi that cause skininfections. It is proven that neem oil is effective in 14 different cultures of fungi.

Skin Toner
Neem oil is a perfect skin toner as it restores the moisture of the skin and fights pathogens that are found below the skin surface. Using neem oil as a skin toner will leave the skin young, healthy and smooth.

Removes Blackheads
Regular application of diluted neem oil removes blackheads and prevents their re-occurrence. Do not apply pure neem oil directly on face. Add 2-3 drops of oil to water and use the diluted solution to get rid of blackheads.

Treats Scables
Neem oil is extremely helpful in eradicating scabies and othe skin parasites. It suffocates life nymphs on the skin surface thereby treating scabies to the very root. Gently dab neem oil on scabies infestations and leave it on the skin for 15 minutes. Doing this regularly will eliminate mites and reduce itching and inflammation caused due to scabies.

Anti-Aging with Neem
Neem oil is utilized in skincare simply because it's packed with nutrition. Neem consists of extremely higher amounts of anti-oxidants which help to safeguard the skin from environmental injury. Neem also includes carotenoids (much like carotene) which offer higher anti-oxidant substances which help protect the skin from age-promoting free-radicals.

Neem Oil is particularly loaded with essential fatty acids as well as vitamin E and is also effortlessly absorbed into the skin without leaving behind skin oily. Once absorbed, these types of powerful qualities attempt to replenish the skin's cells and also recover flexibility. Whenever utilized frequently, this particular mixture of compounds makes neem ideal for removing the lines and wrinkles whilst preventing signs of aging. Saturation of antioxidants and also vitamin E may help recover young glow to dry or even damaged skin and balance complexion.

Neem Oil For Face Application
Neem oil for face benefits is a proven story! Applying neem oil regularly on face pulls out impurities and tightens facial skin pores making the skin look healthy and even toned..

Reduces Hyper-pigmentation
Neem seed oil is an ultimate savior for skin pigmentation. It clears up the skin making it even toned, neem oil also slows down the production of melanin, the skin coloring agent, which when secreted in higher amounts, leads to pigmentation. Applying neem oil regularly will clear, beautify and rejuvenate the skin thereby reducing pigmentation drastically.

Ringworm, Warts And Moles, Cold Sores And Herpes
Neem oil has a significant effect on chronic skin conditions like Ringworm, warts & moles, cold sores and herpes. Applying good quality, organic neem oil packed with antifungal properties on affected skin areas will not just soothe the irritation but will also kill the bacteria that are the root-cause of these conditions. Neem oil has been commonly used in the Siddha medicine for the treatment of skin diseases.

Urticaria, commonly known as hives appear as patchy red bumps on the skin caused by allergic reactions. Neem has antithistamine and other compounds that help ease Urticaria (13). Applying neem oil on affected area prevents and cures this skin condition.

Treat Minor Inflamed Wounds
The list of neem oil uses for skin goes on and on. Ayurvedic medicine recommends applying Neem oil topically to treat minor inflamed wounds thereby reducing inflammation. Neem increases blood flow which aids in creating the collagen fibires that helps the wounds to heal quickly.

You will be amazed once you witness the neem oil benefits for skin.


Contains Anti-Aging And Protective Antioxidants
Neem leaves contain potent antioxidants such as quercetin and nimbolide which can protect against the damaging effects of free radicals. Harmful free radicals are known to damage DNA and have been implicated in conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancer. They also play a role in aging. Neem-

Used To Treat Malaria
Neem is used to treat malaria fevers. One of the neem components gedunin is very effective for treating malaria. Mosquitoes exposed to odours of crushed neem leaves result in suppression of egg laying. Consuming neem leaves is an acclaimed treatment of malaria.

Used To Cure Arthritis
Certain properties of neem leaf seed or barks naturally cure arthritis and reduce pain and swelling in joints. A massage with neem oil is effective in relieving muscle aches and joint paint and helps alleviate rheumatism, osteoarthritis and lower back pain.

Help You Lose Weight
Are you planning to lose weight, especially around your belly? Then, drink neem flower juice daily to achieve the feat naturally. These flowers improve your metabolism and aid in breakdown of body fat, thereby helping you in your weight loss goal. You can further boost your metabolism by using the flowers in combination with lemon and honey.

Maintains Your Blood Sugar Levels
Did you know that neem acts as an excellent natural aid to control diabetes? Neem leaves lower your blood sugar kevels by enhancing insulin receptor sensitivity. Additionally they improve blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels. These leaves also help in providing better blood sugar control by lowering your dependence anti-diabetic drugs.

Drink the juice of the tender shoot of neem leaves on an empty stomach for best results.

Helps Control Blood Pressure
High blood pressure can raise your risk for serious conditions such as kidney failure and heart failure. But neem may help you keep your blood pressure levels under control. Animal studies show that neem leaf extracts can causea drop in blood pressure levels under control. Animal studies show that neem leaf extracts can cause a drop in blood pressure. One study even found that when animal subjects were given an extract of neem leaves along with salt, they had a much lower blood pressure than the control group which was giving only salt. So there you go -neem leaves might just help you ward off high blood pressure!

Aids In Cancer Treatment
Neem leaf Glycoprotein or NLGP, a purified form of protein from neem leaves, inhibits growth of tumour cells. Instead of targeting the cancer cells directly, this protein modulates the immune cells present in the cancer environment and blood. This in turn restricts further growth of the tumour thereby playing a key role in the treatment of cancer.

As neem is packed with medicinal properties, consuming neem juice early in the morning eliminates toxins from the body. This not only helps in treatment of cancer but also prevents you from cancer.

Protects The Liver
Your Liver is a hardworking organ which works to remove toxins from the body. But harmful chemicals and even some common medicines can cause toxic damage to the liver. This is where neem leaves can help out. For instance, one study found that neem leaf extracts protect against liver damage caused by the drug paracetamol while another observed that nimbolide, a bioactive constituent of neem laef juice might be just what your liver needs to keep fighting fit.

Helps Cure Asthma
Neem oil aids in asthma treatment and also helps control phlegm, fever, and cough. Have a few drops of neem oil everyday, and increase the dose gradually. This should help. The oil is also used traditionally to cure asthma.

Helps Control Diabetes
Studies show that neem can exhibit hypoglycemic (blood sugar lowering) effects. Neem can benefit diabetics by controlling the blood sugar levels. It can prevent and even delay the onset of the disease.

Neem can also prevent the oxidative stress caused during diabetes. Even earlier studies on the neem plant had shown antidiabetic effects.

Helps Treat Leprosy
As per an Egyptian study, neem seed oil can be used to treat leprosy. The study also claims that neem is non-mutagenic, which means it doesn't lead to any undesirable changes in the DNA of the individual.

But beware of the consumption of neem seed-oil as it is said to produce toxic effects. Consult your doctor before using it for this purpose.

Treat Intestinal Ulcers
Intestinal ulcers can leave you with a burning pain and symptoms such as indigestion and heartburn. But neem may be able to help you out if you suffer from this condition. One study found that neem bark extract was able to decrease the secretion of gastric acid by 77% and almost completely heal duodenal ulcers. A glycoside present in neem bark is thought to be mainly responsible for it's antiulcer property and ability to control gastric acid secretion.

Cures Poison
Neem leaves are also effective in treating poisons and insects bites. This is due to anti-clotting agents that reside in neem leaf extract. Neem leaves are also used in treatment of ulcers and inflammation as they have significant anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer activity.

You will commonly find neem used in products such as bath powders, shampoos, skin lotion, toothpaste and many companies have even started marketing neem leaf capsule for better immunity.

Can Be Used As An Eyewash
Boil fresh neem leaves in water for about ten minutes and let it cool completely. Use this water as an eye wash during conjuctivitis and irritation of the eyes.

Helps To Treat Hepatitis
Due to it's anti-viral action, neem has been used to treat hepatitis. It works by eliminating the harmful toxins from the body and thus, lowering the toxic load on the liver. Additionally, it also improves your immune functioning and thus, enhances your recovery.

Wash tender neem leaves and extracts it's juice. Now, mix aroun 30ml of this juice with 15ml of honey. Drink this solution early in the morning on an empty stomach for around 7 days to recover from hepatisis.

Relieving Diarrhoea
Neem leaves are the best medicine for diarrhoea. There are 2 recipes of neem leaves for diarrhoea:

First recipe:
- Boil 5 pieces of neem leaves with 3 glasses of water for 2 minutes.
- After it is cold, add honey and drink it immediately.

Second recipe:
- Boil 7 pieces of neem leaves with 3 glasses of water.
- Let them boil until they remain 1 glass of water.
- Strain and drink it every morning, noon, and evening.
- Add honey if you think the taste is too bitter.

Relieving Rheumatism
Neem leaves contain azachdirichtin, oxituranoe, acetyl acid and gliserda oil. Those substances are antipretic and anti rheumatis. Both are effective for relieving rheumatism.

Healing Leukemia
The water that has been used for boiling neem leaves is drank 3 times a day (2-3 spoonful). It is hard to notice the effect directly. However, after 1 month drinking routinely, the healing progress can be noticed. Leukemia patients who drink this potion regularly still experience dialysis regularly. But their red blood cells (eritrosit) are getting stable.

Prevents Stroke
Stroke happens because our blood cannot run smoothly to our brain. This is caused by high calcium. But if our blood runs smoothly, the blood that contains oxygen and carbon dioxide can exchange well. Consuming neem leaves reduces the risk of stroke.

For curing severe health problems, we do not need to spend much money as many traditional medication is available around us. Neem leaves is one of perfect medication.

Pet Care

Repels Fleas and Ticks
Neem oil repels ticks and flees on pets. Add neem oil to your pet shampoo and spray thier bedding with diluted neem oil.

Relieves Pet Skin Conditions
Neem oil is beneficial for pet skin ailments such as ringworm, hot spots, mange, and scabies. It soothes the skin and reduces inflammation while treating the underlying disease.

Treats Pet Wounds
Neem oil kills bacteria, fungus and viruses on pet wounds, bedding and other surfaces. Neem oil helps relieve inflammation and promotes wound healing.

It is best to buy organic neem oil since contaminated or solvent mixed ones would be less potent, more harmful and will have limited applications. Therefore, read the labels in detail, also noting their expiry date. The oil is best suited for use until two years of manufacturing and in a transparent bottle, the neem oil should appear cloudy and yellow in color. Avoiding buying it's extracts since they are less potent.

Store them in dark and cold area, probably your refrigerator. It may easily solidify. However, keeping the bottle in lukewarm water would get it back in it's liquid form. It is important to note that boiling water would break down it's most essential component azadirachtin. Therefore, only lukewarm to warm water is advisable for re-liquefaction.

Neem oil is considered safe for humans and pets in most situations, but it's always wise to start with small amounts. Neem oil products should not be used by pregnant women or those trying to conceive, as it can act as an abortifacient. Additionally, some people have reported fatigue when taking neem. Is neem oil safe? For adults, it's completely safe.

In strong concentrations, neem oil can be an irritant. Most of the uses of neem oil specify diluted oil for this reason. A few people might be allergic to neem oil. For internal use, most people use neem leaves or drink neem tea. Neem oil is also safe for earthworms, ladybugs, and other beneficial insects. There is some concern about it's use around bees, so avoid using it when bees are present. The residue will not harm bees, but avoid spraying it directly on them.

There is no proven safe or effective dose for neem. The bark extract in a dose of 30-60 milligrams twice daily for ten weeks by mouth has been used to treat gastroduodenal ulcers. A gel formulation containing neem extract twice a day, before bed and after breakfast, for six weeks has been used in the treatmentof plaque and gingival conditioning. In thousands of years of traditional medicinal use, and tens of years of scientific studies, fresh or dried neem leaves have never hurt anyone or anything.

However, different people have different reactions to substances, whether drugs, foods, or herbs. Also, depending on what else you are taking there may be unexpected interactions. If you take neem for the first time, take only a little, and see what happens. You may just be the first person ever to have a neem allergy. Neem cream or oil 2-5% of neem oil should be blended with coconut oil before applying on skin.

- Pure neem oil should never be applied directly to the skin.
- Neem oil should be avoided in case of allergy or hypersensitivity after first use.
- There is no proven safe dose of neem oil use for children.
- It should be used on children only after consulting a doctor.
- Neem oil should be cautiously used with hypontensive agents.

Honestly, there are some things that become an inseparable part of life and come to your rescue no matter what the problem is. One such magic portion is the Neem herb (it's leaves, flowers, seed and oil). Now that you know what a wonderful product this is, go make the most of it.

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UCS Neem Wood Sikh Comb
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Neem Wood Spoon & Fork Set UCS1126
Neem Wood Spoon & Fork Set

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Control Diabetes with UCS Neem Wood Tumbler
UCS Diabetes Tumbler
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