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How to Treat Dandruff with Neem?

The most common hair issue across the globe is ‘Dandruff’ and many amongst us are looking for effective & permanent solution to cure it. It is the condition of the hair scalp which is characterized by itchiness, dryness, loose white flakes, etc.

The Neem (Azadirachta Indica) plant has been used since ages in Ayurvedic medicine to treat a large variety of skin diseases along with dandruff. Experts across world now recognize it as one of the most effective medicine to eliminate dandruff. Neem is known to possess anti bacterial, anti fungal & anti inflammatory properties. Being rich in antioxidant & vitamin c, it also works as blood purifier.

Here are few ways you can use neem to remove Dandruff
1. Add Neem leaves to boiled water and allow it to rest overnight. Rinse your hair thoroughly with this water. Use it two to three times a week to get rid of the problem completely.
2. Make a Neem hair mask and apply it thoroughly to your scalp from as well as hair. Prepare the mask by grinding some fresh leaves with a splash of hot water.
3. Homemade neem oil is also an excellent solution for your dandruff problem. Apply it your scalp before shampoo and keep dandruff away.
4. Neem, Curd and Fenugreek Seed Paste can be used twice a week to provide effective relief from dandruff. Take 6-10 neem leaves, half a cup curd and 2-3 tablespoons soaked fenugreek seeds and make a paste. Squeeze half a lemon into the paste before using this mixture. Apply the paste and leave in for at least half an hour. Wash your hair as usual with good oil based shampoo.
5. Use Neem wood comb to detangle your hair after wash or while using dryer etc.

These simple hair remedies will cure your dandruff & will give you a chance to flaunt your beautiful hair. Just try it & see the magic.

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How to Treat Dandruff with Neem?