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Wish to comb your hair for life? If YES, then switch to UCS Neem Wood Comb! Made from the wood of Indian Neem (Azadirachta Indica) tree, UCS Neem Wood Combs have proven medicinal properties that controls hair loss, treats dandruff and keep scalp disease free. Suitable for men and women of all age groups, UCS Neem Wood Hair Combs are non-invasive and you can use them like any other hair comb.

Plastic hair combs are harmful for hair as they create electricity while you comb your hair with them. This damages your hair and the result is hair loss. In fact, plastic comb could be reason for many other hair related problems. UCS Neem Wood Combs are non toxic and smooth (the teeth on many plastic combs are quite sharp and can scratch the scalp). Unlike the scratchy plastic combs, Neem Wood Hair Combs are not harsh on the scalp or hair and does not create electricity as they are bad conductor of electricity and hence you experience a very smooth and pleasant combing experience! Best wooden combs for hair.

Make UCS Neem Wood Comb your habit and you will have hair to comb for life! UCS brand pioneered Neem Wood Hair Combs and are actually the 'original' ones! Hair experts advise to use natural UCS neem wood combs that are gentle and smooth. Anyone including kids can use UCS Neem Wood Comb. Works as effective Dandruff Comb and Hair Loss Wooden Comb!

The world is switching to UCS Neem Wood Comb! Have you?

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: Which wooden comb is best?

Answer: In fact, any wooden comb is better than plastic comb, but hair combs made with wood of Neem tree is certainly the best because of the medicinal properties of neem wood.

Question: What is the benefit of using wooden comb?

Answer: Well, most of the benefits have been explained above. Summary is that a wooden comb prevents damage from static electricity, soft on hair, boosts blood circulation, nourishes the hair and encourages hair growth.

Question: Is wooden comb better than plastic?

Answer: Certainly. When we use a plastic hair comb, it creates electricty and that can be bad for hair - it will damage the hair and dry it. Since it helps to distribute oil from our scalp to hair, wooden comb prevents hair from drying out.

Question: Does wooden comb help in hair growth?

Answer: Yes. The reason is that a wooden comb improves the blood flow of scalp. This stimulates hair follicles. Also, wooden combs have this ability to to eliminate and remove impurities by regulating the production of sebum.

Question: How do you use a wooden comb?

Answer: The answer is to use them as any other hair comb. We suggest you to comb your hair for little more time with a wooden comb since it will increase blood flow to hair follicles and this in turn will help hair growth.

Question: Can you use a wooden comb on wet hair?

Answer: It is not advisable to comb your hair with any type of comb because when hair are wet they are vulnerable to damage. But, we think that our detangling combs which are wide toothed can be used gently while shampooing or even in when wet.

Question: Are wood combs good for beards?

Answer: Yes, and for the same reasons for it is advisable for scalp hair!

Question: How often should I change my neem wood comb?

Answer: The beauty of our neem wood comb is that they become more and more better with usage. This is because that soak oil and becomes soft on hair and scalp but stronger on their structure. Also, they become more gentle and glides through your hair smoothly. However, if you feel that you want to change them for some other reason, change it after 6 months.

Question: Is this item durable?

Answer: All models in our neem wood comb series are sturdy and durable.

Question: Is this comb really made of neem wood?

Answer: Yes. In fact we pioneered the concept of wooden combs made with wood of neem tree. They are 100% original

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